DRIVING LICENCE: must have been issued by authorized authorities at least 1 year before the date of the rental. (except categories L&V that must be issued at least 5 years before)

In addition to the regular driver license an International Driving Permit is also mandatory if the national licence is not written in English. (International Licence for countries outside Europe)

In order to pick up the car, the following documents are required:

  • Valid driver license
  • Passport/id
  • Booking Voucher
  • Credit card on the main driver’s name

Accepted Credit cards (without fee) or Debit cards (with fee):




GUARANTEE: Modi Rent a Car will hold an amount from the drivers credit card as a deposit for guarantee which will be fully refunded at the end of the rental, provided no other charges arise. Kindly note that the amount of the deposit varies according to the car category.

INSURANCE: All authorized drivers of Mode Rent a Car vehicles are covered against Liability insurance to Third Party death, injury and property. Coverage is subject to General Terms of Modi’s insurance contract with its insurer.

A+B01.000,00 €10,00 €500,00 €500,00 €20,00 €500,00 €0,00 €
C+D+E01.500,00 €12,00 €750,00 €750,00 €25,00 €750,00 €0,00 €
F+G02.000,00 €15,00 €1.000,00 €1.000,00 €30,00 €1.000,00 €0,00 €
 H03.000,00 €20,00 €1.500,00 €1.500,00 €40,00 €1.500,00 €0,00 €
 HA02.500,00 €20,00 €1.250,00 €1.250,00 €40,00 €1.250,00 €0,00 €
 I02.000,00 €20,00 €1.000,00 €1.000,00 €40,00 €1.000,00 €0,00 €
 J+K0 3.000,00 €20,00 €1.500,00 €1.500,00 €40,00 €1.500,00 €0,00 €
 L0 5.000,00 €60,00 €2.500,00 €2.500,00 €120,00 €2.500,00 €0,00 €
 V0 6.000,00 €70,00 €3.000,00 €3.000,00 €140,00 €3.000,00 €0,00 €

*Despite the fact that the renter has limited liability in any type of insurance, Modi Rent a Car will hold a deposit in case of damage (depends on the category of the car), if the driver violate the Greek traffic code, drives under the influence of drugs, or alcohol the insurance will not cover any damage and Modi Rent a Car will not be responsible on behalf of the driver or anyone else . Also any insurance does not cover damage in wheels, tires, glasses and any damage underneath the car.

Theft Protection : (TP) is a waiver that limits your liability up to the vehicle’s deductible/excess amount in the event the car is stolen. (5€/day – 35€/day,depends on the category of the car)

Fuel Policy: The vehicle is provided with a certain amount of fuel and must be returned with the same amount in order to avoid additional charges.

Kilometers Policy: The first 100 kilometers (for each day) are included in the rental price, after that there is an extra charge of 0.30 + VAT for all categories, and 0.50 + VAT for Luxury & VIP categories.

Extras such as :
Additional Driver : 5€/day
Children Baby Seat & Booster : 5€/day
Young driver fee : 20€/day
Old driver fee : 10€/day
Snow Chains : 10€/day
G.P.S. Navigation : 5€/day
WI-FI Service : 5€/day

Road Assistance : 24hrs service

Car replacement : within 24hrs

Fleet Availability : The company reserves the right to provide a different car model to that originally reserved of an equivalent or upgrade model type.

Geographical Restrictions : No renter has the right to take the car outside the country’s border.

Ferry Restrictions: Allowed in the driver’s responsibility and only with prior written agreement with Modi Rent a Car.

Pick up time: If the renter delays more than 2 hours, the reservation is not valid.

Drop off time: if the renter delays more than 1 hour charges will be applied.

Cleaning fee: In case the vehicle is delivered extremely dirty by the renter, more than normal (or pet hair are found ), charges will be applied and will be 37,20€ .

Off Road: off road driving is not allowed.

Taxes : Alll rates and charges are subjected to V.A.T (24%)